Installing Windows 7 Starter on a Netbook

This article is a translation of the german version originally posted on 01. March 2012. To read the german version click here.

This article will describe the steps to install Windows 7 Starter Edition on 2 different netbooks using the recovery option on an ASUS EeePC 1005P and performing a fresh installation on a Samsung NP-N150.

You can use this article for every netbook type, but keep in mind that the keys you need to press at given times can be different as described here!

Recovery Option

On the ASUS EeePC 1005P I used the built-in recovery option. After power on you have to be very fast to press F9 key multiple times until the screen for choosing the recovery option opens.

If the above procedure doesn’t function properly (the expected screen won’t show up), it may help to deactivate the Boot/Boot Booster and configure Boot Device Priority to move Removable Device to first option. Additionally deactivating Boot Settings Configuration/Quiet Boot can help you, too!

Follow the instructions to finish. There weren’t any problems, but the process took a veeeery long time 😉

Fresh installation

The Samsung NP-N150 didn’t have a recovery partition any more. Because netbooks don’t have a built-in CD or DVD drive, I need to install Windows 7 with the help of an USB stick.

Requirements and hints

  • The stick must have a minimum size of 4GB.
  • Not each USB stick is supposed to be practical for this procedure!
  • Save your sticks data. It’ll be deleted!
  • You need to have a local copy of a Windows 7 ISO image (in my situation it was Windows 7 Professional 32bit)
  • Install the program Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Prepare USB stick

Unpack ISO file to stick

Start the tool and select the path to ISO file and follow the instructions. You may be informed a couple of times, that all data the stick contains will be lost.

Now wait for finishing this step…

Configure installation

I call this step a little „trick“, which makes it work to install the Starter Edition. Delete the file called ei.cfg in directory sources. Not till then you’ll be able to select all Windows 7 versions (including the Starter Edition) to install!

Install Windows 7

Now plug in the stick into the netbook you want to re-install and boot from it.

If nothing happens or rather the old OS starts booting up, enter the BIOS settings by pressing F2 key while boot screen is showing. Check Boot/Boot Device Priority if USB devices have an earlier position than hard discs and correct it if necessary.

The installation process will proceed as normal, except you’ll see a window which let you choose a Windows 7 version you wish to install (yes, there are all versions onto each DVD!).


Now your netbook is ready to run Windows 7 Starter Edition. Next step will probably be installing device drivers, but that depends on every netbook type in it’s own.

Please feel free to leave a comment, if your installation was successful by following this article or rather not 😉


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    Hi, I successfully tested a second usb-drive – thanks a lot.

  3. holgi's Gravatar holgi
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    Hi, I tried to follow your helpfuk instructions but when starting to boot from the usb-drive, I get the information that I am lacking BOOTMGR. Any ideas what I can do in such a case?

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